1- What is A BootyBin.com?
Booty Bin sells premium mystery boxes (one-at-a-time now by popular demand. No more Subscriptions) geared towards geeks and gamers.

2- What is a Booty Bin?
A booty bin is a box filled with fun random items like gadgets, collectibles snacks, electronics, trinkets. Basically a grab bag of both fun and useful items.

3- Who would enjoy a Booty Bin?
Geeks, Gamers and anyone who wants to geek out every month! We have members from the ages of 10 year to 50+. We all have a little geek inside all of us.

4- When will I receive my Booty Bin?
We ship 1-2 Business Days after you order.

5- I want to buy just one Booty Bin. Can I do this? How?
Yes, We are no longer a subscription service and buy popular demand only offer “One At A Time” purchases. You can change the quality you want in checkout.

6- You say that Booty Bin is an “Elite”…what do you mean?
We pride ourselves in having the more items in each Booty Bin and a higher value per bin than other Geek Mystery Boxes. If you want the Elite geek and gamer mystery box buy a Booty Bin.

7- Where does Booty Bin ship to?
We currently only ship to the USA with a few “beta” customers in Canada. But as of right now: USA only.